Unsure of how much olive oil to use in your cooking?

We’ve got the answers right here!
The vegetable and palm oil commonly used in Malaysia can be replaced with a 1:1 ratio with olive oil, which is nutritionally superior.

You can switch to a healthier lifestyle by substituting your cooking oil to olive oil. Craving for a plate of char kueh tiaw? Hankering for some deep fried chicken? No problem.

Naughty food turns good with Colavita.


Butter, vegetable oil and lard have lower or equal amounts of total fat compared to olive oil, but don’t be misled by the figures. Butter, vegetable oil and lard contain much higher amounts of saturated fats, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, cardiac death, heart failure and strokes. 1

The prevalence of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet has been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease by various experiments. 2


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